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Drinking deep
Succulence untethered –
Renewed plenitude


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Come my sweet and cherish this beat,
Harmony’s a place where we’ll greet.
Come my flower and seek the calm,
Affection’s pulse flows palm to palm.
Come my dove, listen to the sea,
Ardent waves steeped in liberty.
Come my pearl, cradle the splendour,
This world, this heart, always tender.
Come my beacon, lighten the way,
Memories are made night and day.
Come my love and bury the past,
Bright horizons shall bloom and last.
Come my rose, from earth we unfold,
Mingled solitudes, life behold. 

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Hours and hours
I gaze
Upon the
Wide oceanic blue.
But how
I would rather
Be feasting
On the kernel
Of you. 

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I want to plant laughter
                all over your body
I want to explore you
                for the riches you possess.
I want to touch you 
                beneath starlight and moonlight
I want to read you
                with feverish intent.
I want to give you
                my tongue and my tears
I want our selves
                never to relent.
I want to taste you
                our longings undressed
I want to kiss you
                 and never repent.
I want to feel you
                 moving within
I want us to wonder
                            skin to skin. 

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Love is the only thing one should live for.
Love is the only thing one should consider.
Love is the pill that soothes ancient sorrows.
Love is a wave that carries us to new worlds.
Love is warmth for the jaded soul.
Love is a cloak to be worn in all seasons.
Love is light,  illuminating the darkness.
Love is touch, linking heart to heart.
Love is an ocean, wherein happiness may flow.
Love is the sun, the moon, the wind, the stars.
Love is a force composed of parts.

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How quick it all disappears,
The fleetingness all to real;
Catch it while you can, this joy,
Before death scatters all to dust
And longings melt into space.


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Early Morning

Not a sound stirring
Save your gentle breath
Whispering joy.

I stare for endless minutes
Gripped by love,
Grateful for this gift

That life has
With sweet abundance.

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April 21, 2016 · 9:19 am