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We Never

We never did do this –
Kiss in the rain,
Laugh unshackled
Of shadows
And so much else.
All flimsy illusions
Tossed in stormy torpor.

“No way out”, you said.
Bloodied in despair,
My head bowed, undead.

The door is always open,
Ready for real loving. 

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Happy valentine’s
All you lovers and ravers
Saints and sinners
Dancers and chancers
Seekers and suckers
Possessed and dispossessed
Pristine and threadbare
Sane and insane
Tangled in the mundane
Lifted to a lighted plane.

Happy valentine’s
Run aground
Spring flecked.
Happy valentine’s
Safe as snails
In the grassy bourne.

Happy valentine’s
Bleed the “cri de coeur”
Bridging the blur
A thread of love
Unwinding desire.
Happy valentine’s
Time eats everything up
Get it while you live
Hug it in springtime
In summertime
And every other time
On hot nights
On cold nights
Feel it
See it
Hold it
Fragrance unbound. 


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Walk With Me

Walk with me
In sun and in rain
Walk with me
Through the pain.

Walk with me
Across the fields
Walk with me
Where darkness yields.

Walk with me
Over the hills
Walk with me
To the silent thrills.

Walk with me
To the sultry sea
Walk with me
Naked and carefree.

Walk with me
Avenues unwind
Walk with be
Unclothe your mind.

Walk with me
Beyond the page
Walk with me
Love and engage.

Walk with me
Peel your eyes
Walk with me
Sudden surprise.

Walk with me
On this earth
Walk with me
Give birth to mirth.

Walk with me
From beach to beach
Walk with me
The stars we’ll reach.

Walk with me
Where silence calls
Walk with me
To the roaring falls.

Walk with me
Without a care
Walk with me
Pleasures share.

Walk with me
Immersed in this
Walk with me
Touch and kiss

Walk with me
Lighten your load
Walk with me
On the open road

Walk with me
Caress the flow
Walk with me
Memories glow.

Walk with me
Day and night
Walk with me
Unveil your light.

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You are my lodestar
On dark nights, on bright nights. 

You are my solace
In autumn and in winter.

You are my surprise
In spring and in summer.

You are my wonder
Blazing through the fog.

You are my beacon
Serenading the storm.

You are my hope,
A sky of marvels.

You are my treasure
Richer than gold.

You are my branch
Upon which I dance.

You are my water,
A sacred spring.

You are my life
Wherein I flow. 

You are my morning,
A map unfurled.

You are my evening,
Starlit, the world. 

You are my present,
A promise unwrapped.

You are my future,
Unclose your hand.


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Beauty falls

Resurrected by

The hand of love

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Lily of the Valley

I bought you some flowers
Once,  to welcome in the Spring
A March celebration
Fresh love singing
Across continents.

How soon their glory
Faded, stripped and shorn
Of wild imaginings.
Words soon soured
Mingled with grief and sorrow.

Lying between your thighs
The sun failed to rise
On our poisoned lives
Yet the sweetness we shared

Remains clear as a stream
Burnished in the stunted
Rays of the winter sun.

This desire suppressed
By a terse affair
Steeped in joyless pain.

The lily shall rise
Again,  pulsing
With a bright promise
Richer and rarer.

Unmixed with confusion –
A glorious scent
Lasting through the seasons.

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I turn off

I turn off the light
Slip into the dark
Torn and forlorn
Searching the past.

Your hand arrives
Holding me tight
Soft as feathers
Flensing the fright.

Dawn approaches
Over the hill
Touch is a flame
A future to fill.

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