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An afternoon by the river
where glasses tinkled
in carefree merriment,
voices swelled in liquid laughter,
all around bonhomie
spilling over
ignorant to private grief –
the cracked hands, the tears unplanned.

I listened as hard as I willed,
unravelling laid bare, sorrows stilled.
Holding your fingers, fragile and fair,
what solace could I offer?
What comfort unspooled?

Parting ways
on a bridge of concern,
light led you onwards,
and lips joined
and hearts leaped
deep in humanity’s heat.

An eternal song,
music of voices unbarred,
togetherness coalesced.


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Wouldn’t it…?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we lived by bridges instead of walls? Wouldn’t it be lovely if we acted out of love instead of hate? Wouldn’t it be lovely if we didn’t discriminate in any shape or form? Wouldn’t it be lovely if we saw the good instead of the bad? Wouldn’t it be lovely if we spoke tenderly and not callously? Wouldn’t it be lovely if peace rather than rage was the answer? Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could rise and rise and not despise? Wouldn’t it be lovely to forgive and rest? Wouldn’t it be lovely to picture the best? Wouldn’t it be lovely to live in bliss? Wouldn’t it be lovely to seize the thread? Wouldn’t it be lovely to stay undead? Wouldn’t it?

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Lily of the Valley

I bought you some flowers
Once,  to welcome in the Spring
A March celebration
Fresh love singing
Across continents.

How soon their glory
Faded, stripped and shorn
Of wild imaginings.
Words soon soured
Mingled with grief and sorrow.

Lying between your thighs
The sun failed to rise
On our poisoned lives
Yet the sweetness we shared

Remains clear as a stream
Burnished in the stunted
Rays of the winter sun.

This desire suppressed
By a terse affair
Steeped in joyless pain.

The lily shall rise
Again,  pulsing
With a bright promise
Richer and rarer.

Unmixed with confusion –
A glorious scent
Lasting through the seasons.

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The Beauty of the Mind

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” (Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2)

How beautiful these words are. How resonant. How timely. Invoking the spirit of Plato (“Philosophy is the highest music”)  Hamlet reminds us that the mind is a powerful weapon, the most powerful we can possess, particularly in a world which sometimes feels riddled with divisions – whether geographic, cultural, social, sexual, racial. Surely the greatest virtue we can possess, as human beings, is the ability to recognise that beneath the dress we display to the world is the knowledge that we are not so very different.

William Shakespeare, the great humanist who ever lived interrogated this question that simply refuses to die: what it is to be human? Like Hamlet, we grapple with our conscience, striving to make sense of our mortality, “what a piece of work is a man” or, like Lear in Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy King Lear, when racked upon Fortune’s capricious wheel, we cry “I am a man more sinned against than sinning”. Or perhaps, in the spirit of Malvolio, delusions of grandeur inflate man’s astonishing for pomposity: “Some are born great. Some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.” But Shakespeare’s genius precludes us from seeing things as simply black and white. For while Malvolio is easy to laugh at, there is an element in his character that we can all relate to: the desire to overcome fear, “Be not afraid of greatness.” There are no easy solutions, particularly when the dominant strain in life is one of flux. Would we wish it any different? Surely the greatest challenge is to embrace Polonius’ advice in Hamlet, “To thine own self be true.”

Shakespeare contained multitudes. This is the greatest accolade that can be paid to him. In a world plague with war, discord, disaster and hate, it is only through opening our eyes and enlarging ourselves that we can take an axe to the “wall of prejudice” that clams up our souls. From darkness emerges light; from despair emerges joy; from doubt emerges faith. As the “Sweet Swan of Avon” writes in his beautiful love poem, Venus and Adonis, “love comforteth like sunshine after the rain”.

May the New Year be filled with love, goodness and happiness. Here are a couple of haiku for your delectation.


The mind’s eye spins and

Turns on the moving spindle

Unfurling fresh dreams


New Year new dawn strikes

Melting the past into light

Kindling bright visions





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You are Divine

You are divine,

finer than wine;

When the rain pours

your presence roars.


Take this sweet peach

onto the beach,

feast on the fruit

scare off the brute.


Admire the sea,

just let it be;

dance in the waves

warmed by the rays.


Your eyes sparkle,

make me startle;

lighting the night

a stellar sight.


In you there’s truth,

fountain of youth

offering calm,

scent of a balm.


These words I give

the world outlives;

while there’s still time,

jive and let’s chime.


I bow down low

heeding the tow,

the joy of you

lifts me from rue.


The dreams we share,

beauty most rare;

Enthralled by this,

Sealed with a kiss.


Morning comes round,

glorious sound

of birds in tune,

love is a boon.


Laughter flows forth

ill winds go north;

kinder than wine

you are divine.

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