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There’s always time.
Time for togetherness.
Time for affection.
Time for living.
Time for exploration.
Time for sharing.
Time for happiness.
Time for being.
Time for wondering.
Time for loving.
Time for leaping.
Time for giving.
Time for receiving.
All this, and more, 
Before the sun sets.


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We Have To Live

We have to live
In this darkened world.
Despite the horror and the lies
The torture and the murder
We have to live
In this darkened world.
Despite the hatred and the bile
The evil and the rage
We have to live
In this darkened world.
Despite the fear and the vengeance
The fury and the bloodlust
We have to live
In this darkened world.
Despite the hubris and the bluster
The othering and the smothering
We have to live
In this darkened world.
We have to live
And be together
And see the light
In this wondrous world.

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What is Poetry?

Poetry is a kind

Of magic

That flenses

Flabbiness from

The body

And steams


Out of the soul.


Over tea, I jotted down some notes on what poetry means to me. I wouldn’t say that these are meant to constitute some kind of manifesto or should be seen as a commentary to the poem above or other musings on this blog. Poetry is much too dynamic to be reduced to this or that. Poetry, I guess, is whatever you make it out to be.


Notes on Poetry

Poems are windows on the world.

Poems are thoughts given animation.

Poems are the body’s desires enshrined.

Poems are bubbles of buoyancy.

Poems are lifebelts giving protection on the overflowing avenues of life.

Poems are boots helping us up the mountain.

Poems are slides, plumbing the depths of the imagination.

Poems are intoxicating.

Poems are memories.

Poems are eternal.

Poems are of the moment.

Poems dance when the mind is alive.

Poems are for everyone.

Poems don’t grow old.

Poems are sustenance for the soul.

Poems are longings consecrated on the mind’s altar.

Poems are the heart’s yearnings unfurled.

Poetry is music.

Poetry is water.





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Am I mad to imagine

That one day

Peace will fall?


Am I mad to wish

That one day

Contentment will reign?


Am I mad to hope

That one day

The mind won’t fret?


Am I mad to dream

That one day

Fears shall fly?


Am I mad to laugh

At the weirdness

Of it all?


Am I mad to love

With tireless



Am I mad?

Alive I am.





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Take a moment,

any moment

and consider

its fleeting


Only once can it exist –

not before or after,

just now does

this instant persist.

We ignore them

at our peril;

moments are our lives

strung out like pearls,

gleaming in

the sunshine.

Beauty resides

on the wings of


seconds stretch

in time’s bowl.

Feast on them,

while you can.


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Walking this path

Alone save for the

Owl’s song piercing

The dark quilt

And the stars glinting

Like jewels.

I remember your

Kind touch

Folding me in warmth

Coldness submerged

By abundant


Fruit ripening

My life.

The journey

We made

Pealing with love


The shade

Boundless light

Beckons me

On and on.

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How Beautiful This World

How beautiful this world

It exists

for us

To thrive

And share love


How beautiful this world

Ever spinning

Of stories


Marvellous deeds


How beautiful this world


With passion

That kindles

The night


How beautiful this world

Beating with action

Wide smiles

And the hope in

Fresh dawns


How beautiful this world

The kindness of strangers

Warmth of friends

Keeping the soul



How beautiful this world


It presents

A prospect

Of joy


How beautiful this world

Giving and learning

Palace of wonders

Love’s limpid streams

Flow on and on


How beautiful this world

For everyone

Love, stories

Passion, action,

Kindness, joy





How beautiful this world.



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