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Time is so precious. Waste
It at your peril. Moments

Vanish in the blink of an eye.
Fly with the wind, love’s wings

Ring and ring. While we make
Sweet music, fragrance swells.

Bound by joyous fidelity,
Happy mingling incarnate.


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There is…

There is no one but you
To keep me whole and new;
Brighter than the sun,
Old sorrows on the run.

There is no one but you
To paint the canvas blue,
Freshening the day,
Where love comes to play.

There is no one but you
To kiss this journey true,
Dancing through the night,
The ways you do excite.


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Walking this path

Alone save for the

Owl’s song piercing

The dark quilt

And the stars glinting

Like jewels.

I remember your

Kind touch

Folding me in warmth

Coldness submerged

By abundant


Fruit ripening

My life.

The journey

We made

Pealing with love


The shade

Boundless light

Beckons me

On and on.

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