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I wake with a start
Darkness a blade
Cutting the heart.

In the thick of night
Comes a touch
A palm of light.

The sea knows no pain
What we grieve
It is in vain.

I hear a song
Weathered by years
A chorus,  a throng.

Arriving together
Naked as newborns
Kindling the heather.

Torn. Worn. Reborn.


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I am blessed with gifts,
As a sky filled with gold,
As earth sprung with hope,
As kindness in a smile,
As the echo of a song.
I am blessed with life
And fire that burns inside.

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Out of the chaos
you hover,
beckoning with
a lifting smile.

Out of the fury
you flutter,
melting sorrow
in lips of light.

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You come to me in dreams,
a light that always gleams;
On every path I walk,
ensorcelled by your talk.

You come to me in mind,
a spell that gushes kind;
Greening my arid heart,
from touch do fountains start.

You come to me in need,
stating a sacred creed;
I read what you convey,
a beacon come what may.


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Some Notes on Beauty

Beauty is what makes the Earth spin,
beauty is the force that lies within;
Beauty is bliss that studs the night,
beauty is laughter and lovers’ light.

Beauty is joy cresting the mind,
beauty is finding what is kind,
beauty is touch soothing the past,
beauty is sacred, pure and vast.

Beauty is thought dressed in esprit,
beauty is the way and the key,
beauty is the eternal vow,
beauty is the wonder of now.


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A daffodil greets me,

sweet, auspicious morning,

golden flower singing

rebirth, leaping from the earth.

Winter’s cloak slips away

in the light of rich promises;

Kindness, love, fresh beginnings

spring on this joyous day.

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Nil Desperandum

Do not despair

Beauty pulses


Do not despair

Truth is the match

While we do dare

Do not despair

Earth’s fruitful gifts

Flavour the air

Do not despair

Kindness bubbles

Beyond compare

Do not despair

These words I spell

Feather your hair

Do not despair

What is to come

Love shall bear.

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