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Will you come dance with me?
Will you embrace this jamboree?
Will you revel in wholesome fun?
Will you dance beneath the sun?
Will you dress in dark leather?
Will you be light as a feather?
Will you leap on a mountain?
Will you flow like a fountain?
Will you tear off your mask?
Will you ride through the dark?
Will you tremble into this?
Will you give a fragrant kiss?
Will you? 


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A glorious sunset tinged in pink.
Stars singing a song of peace.
Smiles sealed with dancing eyes.
The thrill of a kiss dispersing the mist.
Talking in bed without a care.
Dreams swimming in a riot of colour.
Words flowing like a hungry cascade.
Eager explorers feasting on signs.
Deep within, a torrent of love
Rushing unhindered limb to limb.

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Christmas Kiss

Underneath the mistletoe,
Longings flutter like the snow,
For know you this pretty Miss,
You’re my sweetest Christmas kiss.


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Catch this kiss as it flies,
truth melted in surprise;
Lifted by laughter’s wings,
ecstasy always sings.

Held by a soft embrace,
sighs fold in tender grace;
What flickers through the night
is you and your luscious light.

Day comes with eager feet,
a landscape in which to greet –
displacing heavy air,
your form gleams everywhere.

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Resting by the lake,
I realised all of a sudden,
that the ripples
of our love
shall kiss and greet
on intimacy’s shore.

Listening to the breeze,
unlocking silent whispers,
I saw how soft
true concord is,
Pure as a great bird
scaling new heights.

Grateful is not the word,
gazing at the dancing stars,
for as long as
Nature yields
bittersweet truths,
lovers’ light holds me tight.


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Let us dance
You and I,
while the moon
above the sea.

Let us kiss
You and I,
while the trees
the holy breeze.

Let us sing
You and I,
while the wind
our naked minds.

Let us talk
You and I,
while the night
its tender spell.

Let us love
You and I,
while the sun
this zealous fire.

Let us spell
You and I,
while the sand
through hot hands.

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Cri de Coeur

Love, hold me tight
Love, help me flee
Love, keep me bright
Love, set me free.

Love, kiss me true
Love, stand me tall
Love, bear me through
Love, hear my call.

Love, teach me grace
Love, spare me pain
Love, give me space
Love, fall like rain.

Love, warm my mind
Love, touch me soft
Love, thou art kind
Love, dance aloft.

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