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An afternoon by the river
where glasses tinkled
in carefree merriment,
voices swelled in liquid laughter,
all around bonhomie
spilling over
ignorant to private grief –
the cracked hands, the tears unplanned.

I listened as hard as I willed,
unravelling laid bare, sorrows stilled.
Holding your fingers, fragile and fair,
what solace could I offer?
What comfort unspooled?

Parting ways
on a bridge of concern,
light led you onwards,
and lips joined
and hearts leaped
deep in humanity’s heat.

An eternal song,
music of voices unbarred,
togetherness coalesced.


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I stand before you,
tongue-tied and lovestruck,
the words once rehearsed,
winged by sweet luck.

I listen for a sign
clamouring from deep,
eloquence ablaze,
seasoned by sleep.

I palm you some lines
mellowed by sorrow,
lighting fresh intent,
dance on the morrow.

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