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The soft sigh of your breath

Wakes me, turns me

Towards you


A tenderness stirs within.


Your hair cascades across the pillow


Natural outpouring of calm.

Fragile eyelids concealing

Untold dreams.


Where have you been?

Where are you going?


Unexplored mysteries

Condensing like

Droplets of rain.


Outside, the sun pierces the cloud

Heralding a chorus of

Bright birdsong;

I hold you,



A rock amidst the swirling

Sea of life.



This poem is from my first collection “Upon The Inward Eye”. Perhaps one shouldn’t look back at what one has written previously but being fascinated by the writing process, it is almost impossible not to. To deny what one has written would be to deny a part of one’s self.  I quite like this poem. As I read it again, the other day, something was irking me and what was irking me was the question of flow. The original poem, as published, has fifteen lines. You will see that this version has twenty-one lines. None of the content has changed but I feel with the new line-breaks, the poem has a more fluid ring to it.

Should I have altered this? Who knows? Or perhaps it is a poet’s prerogative to do what he or she wants with a poem, as long as it isn’t mangled beyond all recognition? It is not for me to say. What I do know is that poetry is a never-ending quest, a joyful quest – sprinkled with sorrow and humour – but a quest for meaning and beauty, nonetheless.

And long may the quest continue.


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Haiku Manifesto

Haiku are short poems

Haiku are like water, cleansing

Haiku purify the soul

Haiku are concrete

Haiku evoke nature

Haiku evoke love

Haiku evoke all sorts of things

Haiku can be impressionistic

Haiku are realistic

Haiku are like pearls

Haiku are evanescent

Haiku are timeless

Haiku can be written on the back of receipts  

Haiku are not receipts

Haiku enchant

Haiku suggest less is more

Haiku leave you wanting more

Haiku are snapshots of the mind attempting to make sense of the infinite

Haiku are faithful

Haiku are like beacons, shining a light on the dark matter of life

Haiku are vital

Haiku like you

Haiku embody life

Haiku love ideals

Haiku embrace the everyday

Haiku go well with tea

Haiku go well with wine

Haiku go well with the moon

Haiku illuminate

Haiku allow you to ruminate

Haiku console

Haiku capture exquisite moments

Haiku uplift

Haiku go with the flow

Haiku capture beauty

Haiku capture sorrow

Haiku elicit joy

Haiku distil life

I have put together a collection of haiku called Haiku on Love. I hope to publish a couple more collections in the future, on Nature and Life. Writing haiku is incredibly liberating and, like living, I guess it is as much about the process as the end result. Haiku are mental snapshots and the beauty of the form is that one never stops learning – from practitioners such as Matsuo Basho, Kobayashi Issa and  Masaoka Shiki –  and marvelling at the incredible mysteries of existence.

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Your Laughing Face

What I love about you

Is your laughing face

What I love about your laughing face

Is your twinkle

What I love about your twinkle

is your sparkling teeth

what I love about your teeth

Is the way they are neat


What I love about neat

Is your innate sense of style

What I love about style

Is how it makes you smile

What I love about your smile

Is the size of it

What I love about the size of it

Is that it fits you


What I love about fitting you

Is your feline grace

What I love about your feline grace

Is how it catches me unaware,

What I love about catching me unaware

Is the special surprise

What I love about the special surprise

Is the miracle of you


What I love about the miracle of you

Is your natural state

What I love about your natural state

Is its lucid charm

What I love about your lucid charm

Is the lack of pretence

What I love about the lack of pretence

Is your striking beauty


What I love about your striking beauty

Is how it’s beyond riches

What I love about beyond riches

Is that it fills the soul

What I love about filling the soul

Is that it keeps one afloat

What I love about keeping one afloat

Is that’s the wonder of life


What I love about the wonder of life

Is your laughing face


You can listen to an audio recording of Your Laughing Face (which for reasons best known to the author doesn’t contain all the verses written here) on soundcloud,  along with some other poems.


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