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Slowly, slowly, in tune with
Rhythm of wind, step,
Birdsong, we reach the crest.

The mists disperse.
Rimmed in sunlight,
You laugh raven-like;
Hungry eyes, hair unbound,
Creature of earth and sky.

In an instant the dam bursts,
Slaking our thirst
On the beckoning grass.
Hands softened by longing –
Free, free, free.



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I wake in a shower
Of light, crying.
You are no longer here.

What shall I do
With these tears?
How can I placate
This ache?

My heart is drenched.
I need to swim.
I need to flow.
I need to bathe

My hopes
In a tide of longing.

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The Flare of A Star

A whisper, a word, a call from afar
Tenderness floods the bottomless heart;
Scars take flight and clamour to part,
Minutes quicken in the flare of a star.

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If I Could

If I could reach the stars,
Grab a fistful
And give them to you,
I would.

If I could guide the sun
And make it shine
Upon you,
I would.

If I could charm the trees
And tell them to dance
As you walk pass,
I would.

If I could cajole the moon
To send you deep kisses
Steeped in red wine,
I would.

If I could entice the sea
To spell waves
In your name,
I would.

If I could be your duvet
And keep you
Warm at night,
I would.

If I could whisper these words
And make them
Sail across the sky,
I would.

If I could do all these things,
My heart would sing
And that would be grand,
It would.

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Winter Sun in Arabia


On the highway, at the end of day
Tiredness melts in a golden
Moment, washed clean
By the dancing sun.

From deserts of longing,
Greenness flowers, a miracle
Some might say,
Yet I know how signs

Scatter joy and passion,
How gentle is the wind
That bears us on the way.

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Christmas Kiss

Underneath the mistletoe,
Longings flutter like the snow,
For know you this pretty Miss,
You’re my sweetest Christmas kiss.


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Despite the wheels of time,
our love shall always rhyme;
Wherever feet do tread,
with thee my mind is wed.

Keen for the taste of you,
I feast on every clue;
Unlocking ancient pain,
what was is not in vain.

And now I take my bow,
beauty a sacred vow;
Your body feeds my soul,
for desire keeps us whole.


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