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Even Though

Even though
              I haven’t
Seen you
              For what feels
Like an age
              All my thoughts
They fly
               Like dancing stars
In a burning rage.

Even though
                Distance cleaves
In fiendish fright
                I often dream
Of simply being
                The two of us
Walking earthstruck
                Threaded by

Even though
                 Years have passed
Swallowed in reverie
                  A vision hums
Wedded to brightness
Drunk in lovers’ light. 


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I want to plant laughter
                all over your body
I want to explore you
                for the riches you possess.
I want to touch you 
                beneath starlight and moonlight
I want to read you
                with feverish intent.
I want to give you
                my tongue and my tears
I want our selves
                never to relent.
I want to taste you
                our longings undressed
I want to kiss you
                 and never repent.
I want to feel you
                 moving within
I want us to wonder
                            skin to skin. 

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In the hot sweat of life and living
we float and fuck,
like ravenous creatures
exploding on the edge;
A dance swaying in tune,
desire harmonised
under the knowing moon.

Hungry for you, I offer my tongue,
ensorcelled by scents;
Hands clasped in comfort
as the world rides collapsing
waves, watery tower
mingled deep with your
resplendent power.

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