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That Time

That time, that time

How sweet does it rhyme

When we lay together

Your lips

Swallowing deep

My tongue mining for pearls

The blinds open to light

And the embrace yielding

To tears.

That time, misted in wine,

Do longings ever decline?


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You let me handle your hair,
It felt so good;
A river of gold
Kissing the soul.

And now you’re gone,
Vivacious spirit
Pirouetting along
The avenues of life.

Taking your scent
               I cling on
To the little things –

Sunrise stroking the trees
Words remembered
Flowers bursting in Spring.

The tenderness of love. 

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I turn off

I turn off the light
Slip into the dark
Torn and forlorn
Searching the past.

Your hand arrives
Holding me tight
Soft as feathers
Flensing the fright.

Dawn approaches
Over the hill
Touch is a flame
A future to fill.

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A beer on a hot summer’s day,

Spirit soaring on the fragrant breeze,

The smile of a stranger, gifted.

Ducks dancing on rippling water,

Words written from a distant lover,

Memories melting in pulsing heat,

The thread of love in everything.

Even the merest glimpse is enough,

breaking always on the cusp of knowledge,

for all and more – thankful, I tremble.

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