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You Fall On Me

You fall on me with great tenderness,
bending in light, a willowy presence.

You fall on me with natural intent,
a gift of love that signals content.

You fall on me, in rapture and thought,
a river of joy, liberty sought.

You fall on me day and night,
soft as mist, heavenly sight.

You fall on me when silence arrives,
this oasis in which we thrive.

You fall on me in a rising tide,
spelling a chant leavened with sighs.

You fall on me like a dream –
generous as the sun,
radiance your theme.


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Christmas Day

This Christmas Day –
Joy it is to be alive
World of innocence
I drink in
Your blazing beauty.

This Christmas Day –
Gifts unwrapped
Earth breathing purity
I touch your grace
With grateful awe.

This Christmas Day –
Full-throated cries
Leap from ridge to bridge
I hear your music
Choir of contentment.

This Christmas Day –
A feast to treasure
The sacred bonds
In word and in song.

This Christmas Day –
Immersed in
Rich moments
Let the soul float
Light as a feather.

This Christmas Day –
Embrace true mirth
Of light
Laughter’s sweet balm.

This Christmas Day –
Giving and getting
What the heart
Cherish and keep. 

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