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Everyday Miracle

A butterfly crossed my path today,
Fragile simplicity on the loop.
An everyday miracle, some might say,
Nothing else of import occurred.
Just this moment of brilliance,
Given weight in the dancing light,
To keep terror’s sharp lance at bay.

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Minutes, hours pass
Reverence crystallised –
Beauty lasts.

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I look outside
And watch people
In the thick of life,
Feeding ravenous birds,
Alive in the moment.

Happiness spreads
Like a welcome pool.
In it I plunge,
Hungry for you.

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Even in those moments
That drift aimlessly,
Tattered scraps
Snagged by the wind,
A halo shimmers
In the eye’s corner,
Flooding the shadows
Without a care.

Love is stubborn,
Finds a way of coming,
And this is grace
Given wings that sing,
Mending time’s  tapestry;
If only to taste
Before all goes to waste.

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Light painting patterns.
Flowers on the table.
Tea in hand,
Pages turning.
The prospect of joy.
Love waiting to be caught.
You. Only you.

Dark weaving shadows.
Moonlight beckons.
Silence floats,
Leaves falling.
The turning of pain.
Words scattered by touch.
You. Only you.

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A child’s laughter,

Rising like a balloon.

The whispering sea,

Nursing songs of joy.

The dog chasing a bird,

Caught by the current.

People converge,

Sun-struck and content,

Melting as one;

Faraway, the past ebbs

Sucked into the breeze.

Immersed in the moment,

These fragments roar;

A prayer for life,

The prospect of more.

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Take a moment,

any moment

and consider

its fleeting


Only once can it exist –

not before or after,

just now does

this instant persist.

We ignore them

at our peril;

moments are our lives

strung out like pearls,

gleaming in

the sunshine.

Beauty resides

on the wings of


seconds stretch

in time’s bowl.

Feast on them,

while you can.


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