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I Woke Up

I woke up with an urge this morning
to tell you what you already know –
while madness may afflict the planet
and troubles afflict the weary soul
my love for you never dissipates,
every day it is born awake.
Like a bird in flight, soaring free,
your scented light surges through me.


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My love will come and hold me
without questions or doubt, tenderly.
She will soothe and speak freely
beyond the reef of greed in a clement sea
where wine and flowers swim peacefully.
My love will withstand iniquity
and rise above time’s piercing plea
and travel on the plane of liberty.
She will spring with abundant glee,
my love, and undress with wild esprit.

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My Love

I love you more than all the wonders that light up the night sky.
I love you with a passion that burns
my very core.
You are my light, my darkness,
my sweat, my tears.
I love you like a tiger in heat,
An animal lust covered in silk.
You are my milk, my water, 
my nourishment, my skin.
I love every inch of you
Bathed in sunlight and sex.
On the shores of silence and peace
I find your fingers outstretched,
All your natural gifts unfurled, 
Uncoiled in warm temptation; 
Carrying the green delight of days,
Dancing through pain, into a verdant realm.
I love you with vulnerable hands –
Your hair, your eyes, your breasts,
your spring,
Your laughter, your touch, your voice,  your gaze.
Time cannot blunt this ardent appetite,
Like a perpetual flame it burns,
Burnished by the glow of your
radiant mind.
I love you near and afar,
my imperishable star.

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Mar 19, 2016 · 9:31 pm


What makes me happy?
Knowing that you are there.
That you exist, a free spirit
Over the horizon, gilded in light.

What makes me happy?
Dreaming of the day we shall dance,
Enmeshed like the trees’ branches
Frolicking in the breeze.

What makes me happy?
A word. A smile.Your flighty mind.
Alive to wonder, brimful and bountiful,
Industrious as a bee.

What makes me happy?
The thought of us by the sea
Making love without a care,
Cries hungry as the waves.

What makes me happy?
A bottle of red open for two,
Glasses kissed in moonlight,
The endless stream of laughter.

What makes me happy?
The whispering skin to skin,
Undressed of our public selves,
The love deep within.

What makes me happy?
The knowledge that you came,
Answering the heart’s tender call,
Soothing all pain out of sight.

What makes me happy?
You, dancing so free.

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