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Rhossili Down

A morning draped in mist.
Waves hugging the seashore.
Weariness unclenching its fist.
Crows surfing the biting breeze.
Rocks rising in sudden sharpness.
I thought how sweet it is to live.
Voices steeped in buoyant laughter.
Man’s folly is easy to forgive.
Gullsong burning the clammy air.
The sun waits, eager to share.



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Riding upon
            The mountainous clouds,
Light glimmers
             A welcome guide.
In a sea of blue
             All is peace,
Knowing that
              Soon will come
                          A touching of lips.

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Everyday Miracle

A butterfly crossed my path today,
Fragile simplicity on the loop.
An everyday miracle, some might say,
Nothing else of import occurred.
Just this moment of brilliance,
Given weight in the dancing light,
To keep terror’s sharp lance at bay.

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I look outside
And watch people
In the thick of life,
Feeding ravenous birds,
Alive in the moment.

Happiness spreads
Like a welcome pool.
In it I plunge,
Hungry for you.

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Little did you know that I watched,
enchanted by soft movements,
gentle as the summer rain.

Time stood still while this moment
roared with pregnant serenity,
your fingers curled around
the page edges.

As you read, I read too,
your quizzical look, the sudden
bursts of joyful laughter,
stunned beyond borders.

But the greatest story does not end,
tended as it is by love and the
unending rush linking desolate hands.

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A cafe in Plovdiv,
I think of you
Full as the sun;
As I watch the crowd,
A strutting colourful gallery,
What stands out
Singular and distinct
Is the vibrancy of your song.

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A Flaneur’s Manifesto

Just walking, with no definite plan

free and easy on the pulsing streets,

not hurrying or burdened by feats;

Drinking deep and absorbing the sights

that peal from old buildings and new heights;

Suddenly the world is tinged with rhyme

as if undressed for the first time.


Just walking, with no definite plan

flowing current you can channel;

Letting the feet think, wonders travel

from toe to toe, nerve to nerve, cell to cell,

therapy that soothes with a kindly spell

of marvels, life and great vitality,

wind in the bones and the feeling to be.


Just walking with no definite plan

is a kind of magic that grows and grows

if we live long – to walk is to know,

in tune with the world’s songs, open gate

gleaning impressions while we create;

Flaneur, walker, dreamer, dancer, lover –

wayfaring is the way to uncover.




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