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A cafe in Plovdiv,
I think of you
Full as the sun;
As I watch the crowd,
A strutting colourful gallery,
What stands out
Singular and distinct
Is the vibrancy of your song.


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A Flaneur’s Manifesto

Just walking, with no definite plan

free and easy on the pulsing streets,

not hurrying or burdened by feats;

Drinking deep and absorbing the sights

that peal from old buildings and new heights;

Suddenly the world is tinged with rhyme

as if undressed for the first time.


Just walking, with no definite plan

flowing current you can channel;

Letting the feet think, wonders travel

from toe to toe, nerve to nerve, cell to cell,

therapy that soothes with a kindly spell

of marvels, life and great vitality,

wind in the bones and the feeling to be.


Just walking with no definite plan

is a kind of magic that grows and grows

if we live long – to walk is to know,

in tune with the world’s songs, open gate

gleaning impressions while we create;

Flaneur, walker, dreamer, dancer, lover –

wayfaring is the way to uncover.




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I spot you through the window

Hopping, on a secretive mission

In full flight, cheating surprise.

How devilish to see, digging the grass

And I knowing it will not last;

Our eyes momentarily meet, but

The purpose of your action is

Concealed – who should steal?

Which leads me to conclude how

All of us are trying to pave a

Way, to withstand the drum.

Squirrel, come back another day.


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