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My love will come and hold me
without questions or doubt, tenderly.
She will soothe and speak freely
beyond the reef of greed in a clement sea
where wine and flowers swim peacefully.
My love will withstand iniquity
and rise above time’s piercing plea
and travel on the plane of liberty.
She will spring with abundant glee,
my love, and undress with wild esprit.


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Endless giving

How sweet this living is –

Rich and riotous

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​Carried by the wind,

Rising and rising
This hot love,
Exploding into
A million pinpricks,
A riot of light.

Old notions vanish,
Confetti in the breeze
Drifting beyond reason;
While life bursts
With colour,
Multicolored tapestry
Caressed by gentleness.

All we have is now.
Embrace wonder,
Basket of gifts:
A beaker of joy
A shot of hope
A gust of mirth.
This – Glorious earth.

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Nature’s bowl brimming
Abundant riches to taste
Endless giving


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