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Walk With Me #2

Walk with me
In sunshine and in rain
Walk with me
Through the pain.

Walk with me
Across the fields
Walk with me
Where darkness yields.

Walk with me
Over the hills
Walk with me
To the silent thrills.

Walk with me
To the sultry sea
Walk with me
Naked and carefree.

Walk with me
Avenues unwind
Walk with me
Unclothe your mind.

Walk with me
Beyond the page
Walk with me
Love and engage.

Walk with me
Peel your eyes
Walk with me
Catch a surprise.

Walk with me
On this earth
Walk with me
Give birth to mirth.

Walk with me
From beach to beach
Walk with me
The stars we’ll reach.

Walk with me
Where passion calls
Walk with me
To the roaring falls.

Walk with me
Let wounds repair
Walk with me
Pleasures share.

Walk with me
Immersed in this
Walk with me
Touch and kiss

Walk with me
Lighten your load

Walk with me
On the open road

Walk with me
Caress the flow
Walk with me
Memories glow.

Walk with me
Feed the fire
Walk with me
Unbind desire.

Walk with me
Day and night
Walk with me
Unveil your light

Walk with me
Into the dawn
Walk with me
Hope is reborn.


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Tenderness is the spark that underpins affection.
Tenderness is the touch that banishes early-morning fears.
Tenderness is a light kindling the dark.
Tenderness is spooning through thick and thin.
Tenderness is the roar of the whispering word.
Tenderness is a reservoir forever replenished.
Tenderness is learning that love is constant.
Tenderness is a wave uplifting the heart.
Tenderness is holding on amidst the terror.
Tenderness flies on sun’s bright wings.
Tenderness glows in the moon’s deep smile.
Tenderness dances in water’s bright torrent.
Tenderness is exquisite.
Tenderness is vital.
Tenderness is inimitable.
Tenderness is eternal.

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Christmas Kiss

Underneath the mistletoe,
Longings flutter like the snow,
For know you this pretty Miss,
You’re my sweetest Christmas kiss.


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Did I Ever Tell

Did I ever tell
how you hit
the spot?
Did I ever tell
you are all
I’m not?

Did I ever tell
the way you
held my gaze?
Did I ever tell
you fill
the empty days?

Did I ever tell
about the spark
you bring?
Did I ever tell
you soothe
every sting?

Did I ever tell
you are kinder
than light?
Did I ever tell
you come
every night?

Did I ever tell
you danced
like the rain?
Did I ever tell
you took me
from the plain?

Did I ever tell
you enlarged
this heart?
Did I ever tell
words are
just the start?

Did I ever tell
how love
conquers time?
Did I ever tell
No, I don’t think
I did.
You complete
this rhyme.


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This Morning

This morning the sun crashed
through the window
bathing my sea of dreams
in dazzling charm.

I woke with your name
dancing on my mind.
All day happiness fluttered
like carefree leaves

until I set sail once more
on night’s broad road
seeking your hungry smile.

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Catch this kiss as it flies,
truth melted in surprise;
Lifted by laughter’s wings,
ecstasy always sings.

Held by a soft embrace,
sighs fold in tender grace;
What flickers through the night
is you and your luscious light.

Day comes with eager feet,
a landscape in which to greet –
displacing heavy air,
your form gleams everywhere.

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A cafe in Plovdiv,
I think of you
Full as the sun;
As I watch the crowd,
A strutting colourful gallery,
What stands out
Singular and distinct
Is the vibrancy of your song.

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