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With you by my side,
All of time recedes; 
Like an ebbing sea
Sucked free of history.

With you, the road is clear –
Rivers glisten in the sun,
Peaks offer glimpses of joy,
Living is the pulsing ploy.

With you, zesty spirit,
Flowers tingle with freshness;
Touch springs in the air,
From here to everywhere. 


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We Only Have The One Life

We only have the one life,
Why the fever and the fret?
When our duty is to love
And kiss before sorrows set.

We only have the one life
To touch and explore and dream;
Body revealed, mind-lamps lit,
Tanned in the unceasing gleam.

We only have the one life,
So no need to drown and frown;
Joy is there to be savoured
If wanting looks up not down. 

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Walking along the sea
Immersed in mist,
Grasping at beauty
One thought dominates my being –
You in all your glory.
You in all your earthly radiance .
You in all your blazing modesty.
Without you,  I am empty.
A shell blowing in the breeze.
Wherever I step, you blaze,
A burning presence
Rising from the ground –
A light of vitality,
A beacon of beauty,
A touch of Spring
Forged in elemental flames.

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Apr 15, 2016 · 8:19 pm

Like The Morning Sun

Like the morning sun
You blazed on my life,
Welcome and kind,
A buoyant surprise.

Like the gentle wind
You scattered sorrow,
A whirling presence
Kissed by the mist.

Like afternoon tea
You soothed troubles,
Spelling laughter
With bright-eyed brio.

Like the tender moon
You touched my soul,
Tying those threads
Refreshed and whole.

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Ducks cresting the ripples
On a still September day,
Boats idling in the sun,
Children coming out to play.
Trees shedding their leaves,
Light teasing shadows,
Dogs scenting contentment,
Peace reigns over this scene.


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Light painting patterns.
Flowers on the table.
Tea in hand,
Pages turning.
The prospect of joy.
Love waiting to be caught.
You. Only you.

Dark weaving shadows.
Moonlight beckons.
Silence floats,
Leaves falling.
The turning of pain.
Words scattered by touch.
You. Only you.

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Even When I Stumble

Even when I stumble
Through the shrouded murk,
This heart flowers.
Seizing verdant laughter,
What gifts you possess.

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