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You Fall On Me

You fall on me with great tenderness,
bending in light, a willowy presence.

You fall on me with natural intent,
a gift of love that signals content.

You fall on me, in rapture and thought,
a river of joy, liberty sought.

You fall on me day and night,
soft as mist, heavenly sight.

You fall on me when silence arrives,
this oasis in which we thrive.

You fall on me in a rising tide,
spelling a chant leavened with sighs.

You fall on me like a dream –
generous as the sun,
radiance your theme.


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Awash in the morning tide,
So swift the hours they glide;
Watching life deep at play,
Your voice sweetens every day.

Abroad in the midday sun,
Wonders waiting to be won;
Hearts opened by desire,
Why quench this thirsting fire?

At rest in the moonlit bed,
Memories blaze, whetted, wed;
The give and take by firelight,
Your smile cries through the night.

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Summer Night

All is quiet, embalmed
in a roaring peace.
My heart jumping
at the glint of touch.
The stars throb
dreams flow and glow.

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Am I dreaming
      Of abundance
Immersed in
      The grace of you?

Am I seeing
      The path made flesh
A future
       Filled with allure?

Am I alert
       To joy and sorrow
The heart’s cup
        Renewed in wonder?

Am I certain
        About my words
Spun from crumbs
        Tinged with desire?

Am I attuned
         To every thrill
Surging deep
         The roar for more?

Am I waking
         To vibrant love
Perennial cheer
         From year to year?

Am I aware
          Am I aglow
                    Am I alive?

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In These Luminous Days

​In these luminous days

I walk with you
Shrouded in peace
Bathed in love
Touching and giving
Two flames unclasped.

In these luminous days
I dance with you
Open to the world
Unbound in joy
Bridging the ache
Two souls attuned.

In these luminous days
I revel with you
Tanned by the breeze
Naked and free
Feasting on hopes
Two bodies entwined.

In these luminous days
I lie with you
Riding the flow
Kissed by grace
Freshness exchanged
Contentment uncorked. 

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Stepping into June’s Light

Stepping into June’s light
Unweighted by regret
You appear like an angel
Smiling on every tree
Laughing on every shore
Dancing on every peak
Gliding through the luminous air
Tracing a spell everywhere.

Stepping into June’s light
Spying summer’s abundance
I sing a song to magic
Rinsing out the stale
Soaking up the hale
Bring in the splendour
Cast out the terror.

Stepping into June’s light
Wedded by a marriage of joy
The dead and the tragic
The lost and the unkempt
The forlorn and the torn
Whoever can’t touch this wonder
Come hug under love’s thunder.

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Parts of Speech

You are the light in every verb.
You give meaning to every noun.
To adjectives you give the gift of flight,
And you gratify adverbs graciously.
Conjunctions show connection, your forte.
Prepositioning you is a blazing thrill.
There is no need to pause when all is a wow,
Magic how you and I transforms into we,
The numinous is now.

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