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Hours and hours
I gaze
Upon the
Wide oceanic blue.
But how
I would rather
Be feasting
On the kernel
Of you. 

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We Never

We never did do this –
Kiss in the rain,
Laugh unshackled
Of shadows
And so much else.
All flimsy illusions
Tossed in stormy torpor.

“No way out”, you said.
Bloodied in despair,
My head bowed, undead.

The door is always open,
Ready for real loving. 

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Endless giving

How sweet this living is –

Rich and riotous

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Resting by the lake,
I realised all of a sudden,
that the ripples
of our love
shall kiss and greet
on intimacy’s shore.

Listening to the breeze,
unlocking silent whispers,
I saw how soft
true concord is,
Pure as a great bird
scaling new heights.

Grateful is not the word,
gazing at the dancing stars,
for as long as
Nature yields
bittersweet truths,
lovers’ light holds me tight.


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Nil Desperandum

Do not despair

Beauty pulses


Do not despair

Truth is the match

While we do dare

Do not despair

Earth’s fruitful gifts

Flavour the air

Do not despair

Kindness bubbles

Beyond compare

Do not despair

These words I spell

Feather your hair

Do not despair

What is to come

Love shall bear.

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