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At Rest


Standing still on the Canyon.
Watching sunrise kissing the rim.
Earth’s bright glory unveiled.
The gentle breeze stirring life.
Memories kindled into being.
How minnow troubles seem
When faced with such grandeur.
Stone and splendour shaped by time,
Like love endlessly enshrined.



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Light painting patterns.
Flowers on the table.
Tea in hand,
Pages turning.
The prospect of joy.
Love waiting to be caught.
You. Only you.

Dark weaving shadows.
Moonlight beckons.
Silence floats,
Leaves falling.
The turning of pain.
Words scattered by touch.
You. Only you.

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Take a moment,

any moment

and consider

its fleeting


Only once can it exist –

not before or after,

just now does

this instant persist.

We ignore them

at our peril;

moments are our lives

strung out like pearls,

gleaming in

the sunshine.

Beauty resides

on the wings of


seconds stretch

in time’s bowl.

Feast on them,

while you can.


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As I Gaze Out Upon the Sea

As I gaze out upon the sea

The thought strikes, love is liberty.

As I gaze out upon the sea

My mind like the waves, swells with glee.

As I gaze out upon the sea

Cries off laughter circle and flee.

As I gaze out upon the sea

Joy rises like the steam of tea.

As I gaze out upon the sea

A fragrant breeze unlocks the key.

As I gaze out upon the sea

Bliss flows, while the body sings free.

As I gaze out upon the sea

Fresh is the wonder that I see.

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Some Notes on Pen-y-Fan


When the body is jaded, terrorised and assailed by the travails of life, just to look at you lifts the spirits. You are a restorer and enthraller, forever alive, yielding much yet concealing of your unending power. Like a stately seneschal, you stand tall. Observing your splendour throughout the seasons, scaling your slopes at various times in my life, I remain bewitched by your presence. You have as many personalities as there are moods in the weather; this is the spell you radiate. Yet you can be brutal; this too, I love. The seismic thrill of nature’s roar, a reminder of man’s paltry insignificance in the wider scheme of things.

Even in the worst of conditions you still give of yourself. How can I ever forget embracing your plateau in a raging tempest, knocked horizontal by the squalling rain, clutching a fistful of earth as a sign of reassurance. The elemental tremors far from being fear-inducing were wildly exciting, a reminder of the forces you have embraced and unleashed for millennia. Shaped and moulded, forever breathing, you are a living being that transcends man’s crudities and vanities. The folly of mankind is no match for the beacon of magnificence you transmit.

Therefore, the least that I can do is sing your praises. You who has given so much. You, who has inspired me with thoughts, such as these, and upon whom I have entertained a myriad of meditations on many subjects. A quickening presence, yet also a peak of peace, where swirling thoughts can be marshalled and brought to some kind of order. But not too regimented, for in chaos there is a latent beauty. Pen-y-fan, I salute you. For your glory and grandeur, your power and pulchritude, your mystery and mysticism, your constancy and certitude.  To pay heed to the timelessness of your beauty is my ardent duty.

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I kneel before you with a faithful love

unburdened like the birds that fly above;

the river gushing in a fearless flood

bathing my body, a balm for the blood.


Whenever storms strike and stifle life’s roar,

the mysteries you reveal say there’s more

to mechanical whispers that drag and sag;

observe, burble, exhale and feel most glad.

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