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Where I Go

A place I go to
Every year
Ablaze and humming
Season to season
A riot of serenity. 

Just thinking
About it
Stirs the heart
Fires the bones
Cleanses the mind. 

What better place
For being
For drinking 
For watching
For kissing
For loving?

There is no
Traffic of clutter
Here – rather
The hushed calm
Of earth’s pleasing 

A place I want
To show you. 
A place awash 
In ardent colour. 

We all need these places
We all need these places. 


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We need those quiet spaces
Sanctuary of serenity
Haven of hope
Retreat of reverence
Just as much as we need:
Love, water, touch, kindness.

We need those quiet spaces
To reflect and ponder
Upon the great mysteries
And untold beauties
We have yet to discover,
Travellers of the unkown.

We need those quiet spaces,
Plants hungry for the sun
To grow and nourish our selves,
Shedding tired skins and cold scars;
Refreshed in the bowl of peace,
Keen to taste the fruits
Once more.

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