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Like the mist clearing on a summer morn,
You wend your way, silky-smooth, newly-born,
The dew shimmering above the thorn
And all is ablaze.

Like the world waking up in a hum of sound,
Your voice vibrates across the sun-drenched ground,
Terror’s chains broken, forever unbound
And here I stand, amazed.


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By the light of the falls
I caught my breath, enthralled

When out of the flow there sprung
And hung a shimmering rainbow.

How moments flash with meaning.
The gifts that course like blessings.

And always the heart is leaning
Towards the source, caressing.

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Isn’t life beautiful when we stand back and reflect upon the beauty of it all? Isn’t life brimming with possibility when we throw away our fears? Isn’t life magical when we realise the blessings we have? Isn’t life exquisite when we raise a cup to the wonder of now? Isn’t life majestic when we dance alone or with friends? Isn’t life resplendent when we drink in the view from the top of a mountain? Isn’t life sublime when we create splendour out of chaos? Isn’t life swell when we give with unfettered joy? Isn’t life grand when we take the hand of someone we love and look at the innumerable stars? Isn’t life great? Isn’t life sweet? Isn’t life beautiful?

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Rapt in wonder,
I hang
Your every word.

Modest charms

Limpid syllables
You utter,
An ardent voice
In whose

I humbly succumb. 

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What is your hair?
A river of peace
A tower of silk
A path of wonder
A stream of stars.

What are your eyes?
Orbs of delight
Jewels of joy
Windows of hope
A cradle of light.

What is your body?
A map of splendour
A text to be read
A mountain of dew
An ocean of fire.

What is your voice?
A song of laughter
A shower of pearls
An arrow of passion
A channel of love.

What is your touch?
A fount of energy
A canopy of comfort
A blaze of words
A glint of mint.

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Minutes, hours pass
Reverence crystallised –
Beauty lasts.

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I relish the countless hours
Dreaming and scheming,
Lazing and gazing,
Doing nothing
But peering outside.
Grateful for
Everyday miracles;
Like a sudden shock of birds,
Sunlight clasping the wineglass
And the gilt touch
Of memory
Life’s frozen fields.

I relish it all –
The beauty to be savoured,
The loving to be had,
The joy and pain entwined,
The stories that last.

Great wonder fills me
As I stare and compare;
Living in the moment
Aware of colour
Alert to magic
Awakened to desire
And the persistent pulse
Within and without.
Crying with supple hands,
To be kissed and cherished
In the thawing light.

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