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In These Luminous Days

​In these luminous days

I walk with you
Shrouded in peace
Bathed in love
Touching and giving
Two flames unclasped.

In these luminous days
I dance with you
Open to the world
Unbound in joy
Bridging the ache
Two souls attuned.

In these luminous days
I revel with you
Tanned by the breeze
Naked and free
Feasting on hopes
Two bodies entwined.

In these luminous days
I lie with you
Riding the flow
Kissed by grace
Freshness exchanged
Contentment uncorked. 


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Riding upon
            The mountainous clouds,
Light glimmers
             A welcome guide.
In a sea of blue
             All is peace,
Knowing that
              Soon will come
                          A touching of lips.

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Little did you know that I watched,
enchanted by soft movements,
gentle as the summer rain.

Time stood still while this moment
roared with pregnant serenity,
your fingers curled around
the page edges.

As you read, I read too,
your quizzical look, the sudden
bursts of joyful laughter,
stunned beyond borders.

But the greatest story does not end,
tended as it is by love and the
unending rush linking desolate hands.

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Scattering their light

So free, I take my tea

And stare for endless minutes,

Time dissolved in this

Stellar show.


After vexing thoughts

Plough the mind’s furrow,

Serene it is to absorb

Bright daubings in the sky.


If night’s canvas

Could speak:

Be still, be still –

Beauty drowns

Fears that kill.

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I drink to the power of peace

I drink to the wonder of life

I drink to the beauty of you

I drink to the ending of strife.


I drink to the easing of fears

I drink to the laughter of love

I drink to the joy of touch

I drink to the delight above.


I drink to the magic of days

I drink to the dreamscapes at night

I drink to the gifts man may share

I drink to the comfort of light.


I drink to the kindness of words

I drink to the kissing of minds

I drink to the dancing inside

I drink to serenity that binds.




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