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Last Night

Last night
            I spoke to the moon
Declared my love
             She said
“Come back
            Tomorrow afternoon.”

            I went to the moon
And sang of
            What I had
Told before.

She said,
             With a wide
And gracious smile
            “Tell her


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I wake with a start
Darkness a blade
Cutting the heart.

In the thick of night
Comes a touch
A palm of light.

The sea knows no pain
What we grieve
It is in vain.

I hear a song
Weathered by years
A chorus,  a throng.

Arriving together
Naked as newborns
Kindling the heather.

Torn. Worn. Reborn.

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Even Though

Even though
you are not here,
everywhere sings
and the tune
rings clear.

Even though
words may fail,
meaning spills
in every detail.

Even though
hours pass by,
yearning burns
as sorrows die.

Even though
torment strikes,
your presence
blooms on
bliss-strewn hikes.

Even though
vision is torn,
beauty breathes
forever reborn.

Even though
the heart shall weep,
wonderment swells,
knowing love
runs deep.

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To absorb this life single

Is fine, but not quite the wine

That shines, unless mingled with you.

Alone, our bodies cannot sing –

Or if they do, it is a muffled

Tune, but your bright song is a boon.

Days once monochrome dance into

Light, bathed in natural affection;

Alchemy makes us more than

What we otherwise would be.

For this, I pray these words may ring,

Hear the colour of love sing and sing.


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