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Darkness cannot last
What’s past swallowed by kindness
This earth so vast.


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I wake with a start
Darkness a blade
Cutting the heart.

In the thick of night
Comes a touch
A palm of light.

The sea knows no pain
What we grieve
It is in vain.

I hear a song
Weathered by years
A chorus,  a throng.

Arriving together
Naked as newborns
Kindling the heather.

Torn. Worn. Reborn.

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I wake in a shower
Of light, crying.
You are no longer here.

What shall I do
With these tears?
How can I placate
This ache?

My heart is drenched.
I need to swim.
I need to flow.
I need to bathe

My hopes
In a tide of longing.

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Show me your sorrow
And I will tell
You my fears.
For what is more real
Than beauty in tears?

Show me your joy
And I will tell
You my needs.
For what is more pure
Where tenderness bleeds?

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Every night is a pilgrimage

Of visions and vim and vigour;

Feeding from your sacred flower,

Pulsing as the light gets dimmer.

Every night I cross the border

From sorrow to the joy of you;

Supping from brilliant beauty,

The gifts you bestow keep me true.


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Haiku Cycle

World of riches

Found in soul’s cavernous chest

Laughter is the key


Laughter is the key

Dissolving jaded visions

A shower of hope


A shower of hope

Greens the tentacles that grow

With hungry desire


With hungry desire

The bonds of love are strengthened

Dispelling sorrow


Dispelling sorrow

How bright the sunbeams glow

Reborn, the heart leaps


Reborn the heart leaps

Sensations blown by the wind

While the mind dances


While the mind dances

Alert to life’s rich canvass

Colour fills the scene


Colour fills the scene

A tapestry of bright light

Each day springs anew.

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You teach me the meaning of love

I imagine you by my side


When I walk here and there

Your image dances in my mind


And when I close

My eyes at night


Sorrows are pierced

By the lance of




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