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Awash in the morning tide,
So swift the hours they glide;
Watching life deep at play,
Your voice sweetens every day.

Abroad in the midday sun,
Wonders waiting to be won;
Hearts opened by desire,
Why quench this thirsting fire?

At rest in the moonlit bed,
Memories blaze, whetted, wed;
The give and take by firelight,
Your smile cries through the night.


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Despite the wheels of time,
our love shall always rhyme;
Wherever feet do tread,
with thee my mind is wed.

Keen for the taste of you,
I feast on every clue;
Unlocking ancient pain,
what was is not in vain.

And now I take my bow,
beauty a sacred vow;
Your body feeds my soul,
for desire keeps us whole.


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