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Won’t You?

Won’t you hold my
hand a little while
in this sea of plenty?

Won’t you stroke my
heart with gentleness
and watch the flowers bloom?

Won’t you walk with
me without chains or ropes
and kiss the world awake?

Won’t you cradle my
head and glimpse the sun
woo the morning dew?

Won’t you feast on liberty
and let your senses
swell in gaiety?

Won’t you lose yourself
in the wholesome flow,
bathed in wonderment?

Won’t you be a star
near and afar
on this burnished path?

Won’t you?


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I want to plant laughter
                all over your body
I want to explore you
                for the riches you possess.
I want to touch you 
                beneath starlight and moonlight
I want to read you
                with feverish intent.
I want to give you
                my tongue and my tears
I want our selves
                never to relent.
I want to taste you
                our longings undressed
I want to kiss you
                 and never repent.
I want to feel you
                 moving within
I want us to wonder
                            skin to skin. 

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​It is only the now 

That counts,
The way to create
An enchanting future.
In which magic may grow,
The senses can flow
Joy to be tasted,
A touchable star. 

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​Every day I sing anew

Awash in a field of dew
Stilled by excessive glee.
Every day I walk and gaze
Soaked in a buoyant haze
Feeding the flame of liberty.
Every day I wonder aloud
At life that flares so proud
Swelling the eager esprit.

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​Carried by the wind,

Rising and rising
This hot love,
Exploding into
A million pinpricks,
A riot of light.

Old notions vanish,
Confetti in the breeze
Drifting beyond reason;
While life bursts
With colour,
Multicolored tapestry
Caressed by gentleness.

All we have is now.
Embrace wonder,
Basket of gifts:
A beaker of joy
A shot of hope
A gust of mirth.
This – Glorious earth.

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