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Walking along the sea
Immersed in mist,
Grasping at beauty
One thought dominates my being –
You in all your glory.
You in all your earthly radiance .
You in all your blazing modesty.
Without you,  I am empty.
A shell blowing in the breeze.
Wherever I step, you blaze,
A burning presence
Rising from the ground –
A light of vitality,
A beacon of beauty,
A touch of Spring
Forged in elemental flames.


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April 15, 2016 · 8:19 pm

Rich Feelings

On every hill I walk
There course many thoughts;
Springing to life,
Ablaze and urgent,
Fragrance unbound.

Borne by the breeze
Passion cries her song,
Giving sweet breath;
In nature’s creatures
Rich feelings resound.

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There is beauty,
There is peace,
There is wonder
Bursting at the seams –
Renewed by you
Love cannot cease.



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A Touch of Grace

If touch can be shown
Through the medium of words,
Then you have touched
Me a thousand times.
And while the moon shines
On a still Spring night,
This touching of minds
Is a river of light.


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A daffodil greets me,

sweet, auspicious morning,

golden flower singing

rebirth, leaping from the earth.

Winter’s cloak slips away

in the light of rich promises;

Kindness, love, fresh beginnings

spring on this joyous day.


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Out of life’s thickened woe
You spring with quickening delight
Into my world,
Where I had been shedding
Tears of splintered dreams.

What these eyes have seen,
One can surmise.
The bruises they carry
Scarify the soul,
Sails stay unfurled.


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Spring Cure

When the mind is assailed by dark despair,

let nature’s beauty cleanse with wholesome air

and pour into the soul thoughts bright and true,

this love that burns bright like the dazzling blue.


Ravens circle with the joy of today,

past is past, wheel and dance in merry May,

for who can say what tomorrow may bring?

The gift of life is to embrace fair spring.


And when cobwebs spread like a crafty fox,

a walk in the hills will cast the brute off;

Sweet season of green explodes with rebirth

lighting up life, a blossom of fresh mirth.


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