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Summer Night

All is quiet, embalmed
in a roaring peace.
My heart jumping
at the glint of touch.
The stars throb
dreams flow and glow.


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Scattering their light

So free, I take my tea

And stare for endless minutes,

Time dissolved in this

Stellar show.


After vexing thoughts

Plough the mind’s furrow,

Serene it is to absorb

Bright daubings in the sky.


If night’s canvas

Could speak:

Be still, be still –

Beauty drowns

Fears that kill.

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Always be questing

Truth is arresting

A glance at the stars

Pours balm on what scars


The trip does not stop

Like waves in motion

Taste in every drop

Earth’s sweet emotion


These hours are so short

Shun not what you feel

Joy is caught in thought

Freedom of the wheel


And as the sun breaks

On the brim of night

Look at life that shakes

With trembling delight


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