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You are the sea breeze,
Refreshing, at ease.

You are fragrant peace
Affection unleashed.

You are the sunrise,
Golden, bright-eyed.

You are the sunset,
A nook, a book, blessed.

You are the peak
Crested in colour.

You are the vista,
An unclouded picture.

You are the unsaid,
Mysteries to be read.

You are mud and river,
A taker, a giver.

You are fire and air,
Here, there, everywhere.


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​You are my lodestar

On dark nights, on bright nights.

You are my warmth
In winter and in spring.

You are my surprise
In summer and in autumn.

You are my wonder
Blazing through the fog.

You are my present,
A promise unwrapped.

You are my future,
Unclose your hand. 

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Jul 2, 2016 · 8:07 am


I remember that time
Beneath the glowing moon
Drowning in sorrow,
How your gaze blazed
And kept me afloat.

Looking back now,
With a wistful eye
Mining the folds of time,
Truth dances
Out of the dark.

Beneath this sea of memory,
The current flows
Radiant and free.


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Hold This

Hold this before it flies
lifted by autumn’s breeze;
deep desire never dies
flaming against the freeze.

Hold this before it sinks
sucked down by cold lament;
tenderness is the link,
a spark to love unspent.

Hold this with charity –
awakened it shall rise
again, scattering free
red petals of surprise.

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