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Summer Night

All is quiet, embalmed
in a roaring peace.
My heart jumping
at the glint of touch.
The stars throb
dreams flow and glow.


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​Our lives passed

Ever so briefly,

Two ships 

Sailing in the night,

Where the hours 

Felt like minutes,

The weeks like days. 
Now as the sun wanes

At summer’s end,

Seasons fold

Into each other,

The cycle

Sings anew.

Gather while you can. 
What remains 

Of this love? 

A handful of ashes 

A cup of tears 

Ready to be sowed,

For hope to rise 


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In These Luminous Days

​In these luminous days

I walk with you
Shrouded in peace
Bathed in love
Touching and giving
Two flames unclasped.

In these luminous days
I dance with you
Open to the world
Unbound in joy
Bridging the ache
Two souls attuned.

In these luminous days
I revel with you
Tanned by the breeze
Naked and free
Feasting on hopes
Two bodies entwined.

In these luminous days
I lie with you
Riding the flow
Kissed by grace
Freshness exchanged
Contentment uncorked. 

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Stepping into June’s Light

Stepping into June’s light
Unweighted by regret
You appear like an angel
Smiling on every tree
Laughing on every shore
Dancing on every peak
Gliding through the luminous air
Tracing a spell everywhere.

Stepping into June’s light
Spying summer’s abundance
I sing a song to magic
Rinsing out the stale
Soaking up the hale
Bring in the splendour
Cast out the terror.

Stepping into June’s light
Wedded by a marriage of joy
The dead and the tragic
The lost and the unkempt
The forlorn and the torn
Whoever can’t touch this wonder
Come hug under love’s thunder.

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I catch at everything
The sun at the window,
The jackdaws’ hopeful cries,
The day stretched out
In summer’s shimmering heat.
The burning bowls of fruit,
The nourishing to be had.
I catch and I love,
Words drifting from trees,
Images of happiness,
The endless hours.


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