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Rhossili Down

A morning draped in mist.
Waves hugging the seashore.
Weariness unclenching its fist.
Crows surfing the biting breeze.
Rocks rising in sudden sharpness.
I thought how sweet it is to live.
Voices steeped in buoyant laughter.
Man’s folly is easy to forgive.
Gullsong burning the clammy air.
The sun waits, eager to share.



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Slowly, slowly, in tune with
Rhythm of wind, step,
Birdsong, we reach the crest.

The mists disperse.
Rimmed in sunlight,
You laugh raven-like;
Hungry eyes, hair unbound,
Creature of earth and sky.

In an instant the dam bursts,
Slaking our thirst
On the beckoning grass.
Hands softened by longing –
Free, free, free.


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I Wish



I wish to undress you

In the night


I wish to caress you

Blithe and bright


I wish to kiss you

Without fright


I wish to nose you

With pure might


I wish to fuck you

In a blaze

Of light



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