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Like The Morning Sun

Like the morning sun
You blazed on my life,
Welcome and kind,
A buoyant surprise.

Like the gentle wind
You scattered sorrow,
A whirling presence
Kissed by the mist.

Like afternoon tea
You soothed troubles,
Spelling laughter
With bright-eyed brio.

Like the tender moon
You touched my soul,
Tying those threads
Refreshed and whole.


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Stopping for Tea



Early morning on the mountain,

Birds sing out of starry slumber

While the mist drapes, like a bridal veil

Covering the earth with tender grace.


Stopping for tea, awakened by the sun,

The valley breathes sanctity and light;

Palpably modest, I tremble in delight

At this glory lovingly unfurled.


Man spits and stutters, cursing the world,

Shun from beauty, tramping down the past;

The present is alive, alluringly so

In enduring majesty, a cure to last.

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Tea and Cake My Dear?


Here is a triolet from before in celebration of tea and some more thoughts on its restorative properties.


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“Stars, stars! And all eyes else dead coals.” (The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare)


There are stars swimming in your eyes,

A pooled lantern that never dies;

Spreading a warmth on the soil

Of life, the dust always loyal.


Yet the need for colour lives on,

For too soon days fade and are gone;

I pluck the hairs that hide the pulse

In search of love to bridge the gulf.


And while earth unfurls her beauty

In all seasons where we drink tea,

I stay smitten, ardent lover,

Stellar-stunned as you uncover.


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The Force of Love

Love is a force that never sleeps

Love keeps life burning on the sea

Love unshackles the hardened key

Love is a bloom the kind hand reaps


Love gives and gets in sweetened grace

Love undoes sorrows of the past

Love swells fast the hunger-filled mast

Love feathers the fraught forlorn face


Love links the gestures to be read

Love winds the spring spinning the heart

Love leaps far from a fragile start

Love is the warmth of tea in bed.

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Sometimes it’s nice

Just to sit down

With a good book

And a cup of tea

But how much nicer

It would be

To sit down with

You and a cup of tea

Or maybe not even

With a cup of tea

Just you, the moon

And the daffodils.


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It lifts you up, makes you feel good

That’s the wonder of a cuppa

Feeling sad, thinking if I could

It lifts you up, makes you feel good.

Stirring the soul as great things should

Marvel how tea perfects supper

It lifts you up, makes you feel good

That’s the wonder of a cuppa.



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