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Walk With Me

​Walk with me

In sun and in rain
Walk with me
Through the pain.

Walk with me
Across the fields
Walk with me
Where darkness yields.

Walk with me
Over the hills
Walk with me
To the silent thrills.

Walk with me
To the sultry sea
Walk with me
Naked and carefree.

Walk with me
Beyond the page
Walk with me
Love and engage. 


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We haven’t seen one another
For an age, swept along
By life’s ceaseless currents.

But like the eternal sun
Your presence blazes,
And I stay grateful

For having held your hand
Once upon a time.

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Tenderness is the spark that underpins affection.
Tenderness is the touch that banishes early-morning fears.
Tenderness is a light kindling the dark.
Tenderness is spooning through thick and thin.
Tenderness is the roar of the whispering word.
Tenderness is a reservoir forever replenished.
Tenderness is learning that love is constant.
Tenderness is a wave uplifting the heart.
Tenderness is holding on amidst the terror.
Tenderness flies on sun’s bright wings.
Tenderness glows in the moon’s deep smile.
Tenderness dances in water’s bright torrent.
Tenderness is exquisite.
Tenderness is vital.
Tenderness is inimitable.
Tenderness is eternal.

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Show me your sorrow
And I will tell
You my fears.
For what is more real
Than beauty in tears?

Show me your joy
And I will tell
You my needs.
For what is more pure
Where tenderness bleeds?

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Like A Rock

Like a rock is this love,
Washed daily
By a sea of desire,
Our dreams mingled
In a riotous foam.

I gaze without shame
At your naked form,
Rising clear
Onto the sandy shore.

And I pinch myself
Grateful that you came,
A diving spirit,
Glistening and golden,
Giving with grace
Modesty untamed.

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Winter Sun in Arabia


On the highway, at the end of day
Tiredness melts in a golden
Moment, washed clean
By the dancing sun.

From deserts of longing,
Greenness flowers, a miracle
Some might say,
Yet I know how signs

Scatter joy and passion,
How gentle is the wind
That bears us on the way.

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In the hot sweat of life and living
we float and fuck,
like ravenous creatures
exploding on the edge;
A dance swaying in tune,
desire harmonised
under the knowing moon.

Hungry for you, I offer my tongue,
ensorcelled by scents;
Hands clasped in comfort
as the world rides collapsing
waves, watery tower
mingled deep with your
resplendent power.

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