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Won’t You?

Won’t you hold my
hand a little while
in this sea of plenty?

Won’t you stroke my
heart with gentleness
and watch the flowers bloom?

Won’t you walk with
me without chains or ropes
and kiss the world awake?

Won’t you cradle my
head and glimpse the sun
woo the morning dew?

Won’t you feast on liberty
and let your senses
swell in gaiety?

Won’t you lose yourself
in the wholesome flow,
bathed in wonderment?

Won’t you be a star
near and afar
on this burnished path?

Won’t you?


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Be still, be still –
Beauty drowns
Sorrows that kill.

Be still, be still –
Birdsong soothes
The daily drill.

Be still, be still –
Mystery sings
On every hill.

Be still, be still –
Happiness fills
The ardent will.

Be still, be still –
Love is the wine
Lovers distil.

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