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Watching waves crash –

The ebb and flow collide

Ceaseless splash


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The notes that we sent
Written from the heart
Furnished with concern
Seasoned into art.

Though you travelled far
I held to the mast
Reaching for a sign
To lighten the past.

Many are the days
Where darkness has sprung
Yet light finds a way
Loosening the tongue.

Reading between lines
Pictures take shape
Layered in colour
Old pages escape.

Memories burn bright
Spelling a new world
Inscribed in the chant
Oh open unfurled.

Lying face to face
A whisper of words
The book comes alive
Daylight thrills the birds.

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Kisses fed by toil –
Lingering blessing.

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Season to season

The hungry soul fed by

Naked blessings.

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Lily of the Valley

I bought you some flowers
Once,  to welcome in the Spring
A March celebration
Fresh love singing
Across continents.

How soon their glory
Faded, stripped and shorn
Of wild imaginings.
Words soon soured
Mingled with grief and sorrow.

Lying between your thighs
The sun failed to rise
On our poisoned lives
Yet the sweetness we shared

Remains clear as a stream
Burnished in the stunted
Rays of the winter sun.

This desire suppressed
By a terse affair
Steeped in joyless pain.

The lily shall rise
Again,  pulsing
With a bright promise
Richer and rarer.

Unmixed with confusion –
A glorious scent
Lasting through the seasons.

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​Our lives passed

Ever so briefly,

Two ships 

Sailing in the night,

Where the hours 

Felt like minutes,

The weeks like days. 
Now as the sun wanes

At summer’s end,

Seasons fold

Into each other,

The cycle

Sings anew.

Gather while you can. 
What remains 

Of this love? 

A handful of ashes 

A cup of tears 

Ready to be sowed,

For hope to rise 


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How quick it all disappears,
The fleetingness all to real;
Catch it while you can, this joy,
Before death scatters all to dust
And longings melt into space.


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