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You are the sea breeze,
Refreshing, at ease.

You are fragrant peace
Affection unleashed.

You are the sunrise,
Golden, bright-eyed.

You are the sunset,
A nook, a book, blessed.

You are the peak
Crested in colour.

You are the vista,
An unclouded picture.

You are the unsaid,
Mysteries to be read.

You are mud and river,
A taker, a giver.

You are fire and air,
Here, there, everywhere.


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​Carried by the wind,

Rising and rising
This hot love,
Exploding into
A million pinpricks,
A riot of light.

Old notions vanish,
Confetti in the breeze
Drifting beyond reason;
While life bursts
With colour,
Multicolored tapestry
Caressed by gentleness.

All we have is now.
Embrace wonder,
Basket of gifts:
A beaker of joy
A shot of hope
A gust of mirth.
This – Glorious earth.

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When our silences
Fold into each other,
This is when
I am most content.
Only through touch
Can love be spent.


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What Remains Fair

Your changing beauty
never fades,
like nature’s cycle
springing anew.

And while longings
melt in a
cauldron of froth

what remains fair
is your singular hue.

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