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By the light of the falls
I caught my breath, enthralled

When out of the flow there sprung
And hung a shimmering rainbow.

How moments flash with meaning.
The gifts that course like blessings.

And always the heart is leaning
Towards the source, caressing.


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A glorious sunset tinged in pink.
Stars singing a song of peace.
Smiles sealed with dancing eyes.
The thrill of a kiss dispersing the mist.
Talking in bed without a care.
Dreams swimming in a riot of colour.
Words flowing like a hungry cascade.
Eager explorers feasting on signs.
Deep within, a torrent of love
Rushing unhindered limb to limb.

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As I Gaze Out Upon the Sea

As I gaze out upon the sea

The thought strikes, love is liberty.

As I gaze out upon the sea

My mind like the waves, swells with glee.

As I gaze out upon the sea

Cries off laughter circle and flee.

As I gaze out upon the sea

Joy rises like the steam of tea.

As I gaze out upon the sea

A fragrant breeze unlocks the key.

As I gaze out upon the sea

Bliss flows, while the body sings free.

As I gaze out upon the sea

Fresh is the wonder that I see.

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Wild Swimming


Surrounded by green,

The sudden sharp surprise

Of the river’s

Silky flow,

A sacred purge

While the skin



And thoughts burst.

Fluent flowering;

Streaming bountiful


That man

In his vacant lust

Quells with





Mingling with

Nature’s cathedral

Is to feel

That unity

Is not forged

On the saw

Of blind hatred,

But found

In a wood

Where the birds


In the dappled light

And life is good.


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Just you, the sky

And some liquor

Abundance flows

Like a river


Just you, the sun

And the flowers

Beauty falls

Like a shower


Just you, the sea

And fresh tea

Contentment spreads

Like the dew


Just you, the hills

And the views

Desire fills

Like a pool


Just you, kisses

And this heart

Ecstasy pours

In a flood.


Just you, bed

And love’s match

Fire flames

In a torrent


Just you, words

And a song

Gratitude floats

On an ocean.


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A torrent

So sweet



Quick feet

In a


So bright



Without fight

Into a pool

Of hope

Where the soft luminous light

Unpicks the shrouded sight

And cleansing streams excite


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River of life,

Streams that gleam;

In your crystalline purity

Cleansing me whole,

When we meet

Peace prevails.


Torrents of joy

Coursing through veins,


Cold to taste

On the tip of my tongue,

Drinking in lungfuls.


Flushing the body

Of impurities,

Unfreezing the mind;

Beneath the falls,

Knotted shoulders



From the mountaintop,

Ribbon of silver glinting

Like an invitation,

Rich with promise;

Water you flow

A potent undertow.



An echo of rest;

Desire springs in the crash,

Lust in the ocean

Glory in the song

You sing.


Water, I offer

Words that burble,

You give me this:

Limpid currents


Fresh dreams.

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